You down with ACV?

You down with ACV?


All of those old ladies were on to something. 

I am assuming that many of you reading this are already believers in the magic of apple cider vinegar but there may be some of you out there who have heard the rumors but have not yet got around to trying it out.  That is where I stand.  Everywhere I turn in the natural remedies and fermentation circles (small as they currently are) I bump into the ACV. 

imageI am going to give it a try! Being the curious sort, I also decided that I was going to try to make my own as well.

Materials: – I started out with the peels and core of about 5 apples.  I was making apple sauce for the baby and so the supply was at hand.   I also read on numerous sites that I needed as wide a mouth to my container as possible.  I reached for an old glass cube vase that has long ago held flowers (I think).  After a quick wash, it was good to go and re-branded as my vinegar jar.

imageI placed the peels and cores on a plate for a couple of hours to let them go brown.  This allows them to oxidize.  I then dumped them into the vinegar jar and covered it with muslin.  This is where it gets controversial and risky (sounds exciting hey?).  Some people have said to add a weight and weigh it down and others do not.  I tried to place a little plate on the surface but it covered almost all of the apples and so no oxygen would be able to get in acting like a tight fitting lid.  This seemed to defeat the purpose a bit so I just covered it with muslin, snapped an elastic on it and put it onto my water heater.

I was noticing that even though I was going in to stir it everyday, the bits of apple that were sticking out were getting a bit shriveled.  Given that there were lots of bubbles (downright frothy) on the surface, I decided to give the little plate a try after all.

imageAfter 1 week, the apple water has definitely thickened and the mixture has taken on a pleasant apple smell.  In the interest of science, I tried some and it tastes like old apple water ( I am honestly not sure what I expected it to taste like, but that wasn’t it).

imageThe plan is that I will leave it there for several weeks until all of the goodness from the apples has escaped into the water.  It is looking like it is going to be about 2 weeks. At that point, I will remove the bits, strain the liquid and then leave it again to ferment until I have vinegar.  That is the plan anyway.  I will let you know how that goes.



In the meantime, i have the following uses in mind for some store bought ACV:

  1. Added to my hair as a rinse to increase shine
  2. Dabbed on my face before bed as a toner
  3. Mixed with water and sipped on throughout the day to boost energy and maybe help   slim down (this seems like a challenge but I am willing to give it a try)
  4. Sore throat remedy
  5. As a natural cleaner for the house and especially the baby’s things

Do you have any uses for ACV that you swear by?  Let me know!


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