Calming Bath Salts

Calming Bath Salts

There is nothing quite like a hot bath at the end of the day especially when that day has been spent chasing toddlers around and cleaning up the plethora of messes and bodily fluids that they produce.  For the roughest of days, a steaming hot salt bath filled with the scents of essentials oils is a well deserved touch of luxury.

Calming Bath Salts I am in complete envy of the woman who runs my child’s daycare.  Not only does she get the spend the whole day with my little angel (read monster the majority of the time), she gets to do it with four toddlers at the same time.  They scream, they yell, they climb things, they throw food and they frazzle even the most practiced of nerves.  As the Holidays approach, I wanted to make her something that would calm bother her mind and her body.  I decided to make her some bath salts with customized scents for her.

 The first one is to calm the mind and open you up to tranquility and even a little mediation in the tub.  I have used some cedar, frankincense and bergamot to bring an earthy and grounding smell.  Admittedly it smells a little like a log cabin but as you sink into the water and close your eyes, it brings focus.  Here is what you will need:

To Calm the Mind…

Calming Bath Salts

As noted above, the borax is completely optional depending on your preference.  The amount of oil can also be played with depending on whether or not you want to bring forth more of one scent or another.  I like the above blend because I feel that the cedar can get a little overpowering.

The second blend is aimed at calming the body.  The cleary sage and the geranium are great especially for women and the lavender is a classic scent.  The epson salts help to soak sore muscles and relieve any tension that you might be holding in your joints.

To Calm the Body…

Calming Bath Salts

All that you need to do is measure, sniff, adjust if needed and then pop the salts into an airtight container.  Make sure to make extra so that you can keep some for yourself.  

Run a hot bath, add a handful of the salts and soak away your worries.  Take some time to calm the body and soul and get ready for another day. 

Does your bath need a little sprucing up?


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