Lemon Lavender Cuticle Soak

Lemon Lavender Cuticle Soak


Dry Cracked Cuticles?

Lemon Lavender Cuticle Soak

The dry Winter air combined with the increased amount of hand washing that I have had to do with a baby in the house have left my hands in a frightful state.  My nail polish is usually chipped and my cuticles are dry cracked and sore.  The worst parts are the bits of skin on the sides of my nails (I have no idea what that piece of anatomy is actually called).  They are cut and peeling and aside from being sore, are ugly.  No amount of cute polish can hide bleeding cuticles.

In my household, when the dry skin problems come up, the olive oil and coconut oil come out.  I have been using it on my skin for years and although the coconut oil revolutions seems to be upon us, I am sticking with this old time favorite for my nails and fingers.

Here is what you are going to need:

1 microwaveable bowl large enough to get all of your fingers in

olive oil

coconut oil

juice of half a lemon

lavender oil

Combine about 1-2 tbsp of each oil, the juice of half the lemon and a couple of drops of lavender oil in the bowl.  Microwave the oil for about 20 seconds or until it is warm.  Be careful not to overheat it and burn yourself! There is nothing worse than burning yourself on the the very hot oil or wax that is supposed to make you look better instead of leaving you with burns or red patches.  Trust me on this… this is not my first rodeo.

Lemon Lavender Cuticle Soak

Once you have your warm oil, find a nice and comfy spot to sit.  You are going to be here for at least 20 minutes and so you will have to take care of a few things first:

Clean any leftover nail polish from your nails.  I like to soak my fingers with completely naked nails to maximize the benefit.

If you are in front of the TV, pick you show and adjust your volume before putting your fingers in the oil or make sure that someone else is within shouting distance to fast forward through commercials.

If you are planning on reading, you might have to do one hand at a time so that there is a way to turn the pages.

If you think that you might have to get up and pee… do this now as well. 

Make sure that you have a towel or something around to wipe your hands on once they comes out of the oil.

Sit back, relax, dip your fingers and let the moisture soak in for at least 20 minutes.

After the 20 minutes have elapsed, use the towel to gently remove the excess oil.  At this point, you can use an orange stick or cuticle trimmers to push and trim the cuticles to your liking.  I then like to rub some of the oil into my hands or better yet demand that someone else give me a hand (and maybe foot) massage at the same time.  Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but there is never a harm in asking.

Voila! If you can manage to do this treatment one a week then you are laughing and your cuticles will thank you!

 Lemon Lavender Cuticle Soak


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