Easy Felt Crayon Rolls

Easy Felt Crayon Rolls

Crayons everywhere? Whip up one of these easy felt crayon rolls and organize in style!

Easy Crayon Rolls

Whether you are heading out on a long holiday or just heading out for a bite to eat, a crayon roll can be a saviour.  Crayon boxes fall apart and there is nothing worse than a whole plastic box of crayons getting dumped onto the floor.  The roll is neat, tidy, organized and most importantly will not dump crayons into the bottom of your bag (I unfortunately cannot say the same of a toddler).

There are a lot of tutorials out there for how to make crayon rolls and I will go on the record to say that they are nothing new.  With the majority of the patterns you sew the halves togethers and then turn the project inside out as with a pillow.  I personally find this painful and was looking for a quick version of the project that could be whipped up in less than an hour but that was still able to be used for a while.  This is when I tuned to felt.  

Easy Crayon Rolls

Gather your supplies:

3 pieces of felt 12 inches x 6 inches

Scrap strips of felt to create a design on the outside of the roll if you want to

1.5 feet of ribbon

Coordinating thread

 You are going to need 3 pieces of felt cut to a length of 12 inches and a hight of 6 inches plus any decorative pieces that you want to embellish the final roll. I used scrap strips from trimming the store bought felt.

First decide on what which colour will be back of the piece and which will be the pockets and the inside.  For the pocket piece, fold it in half and pin it to the inside piece of felt.  Sew down vertically at 1 inch intervals to create the pockets for the crayons. Make sure to add a 1/4 inch on either side for the seam allowance when you sew the back on. 

 Easy Crayon Rolls

Next decide what you want for the back of the roll. I had some scraps from cutting the felt piece and so I just sewed on some basic stripes on an angle. I ended up making two rolls as I had more than 10 crayons and so I used the scraps of one roll on the other roll and vice versa.   

Easy Crayon Rolls

One you have the inside and the back pieces finished pin them together with the wrong sides in and sew around the outside using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Make sure to sew in a ribbon that will used to tie it shut.  Once sewn together, trim around the outside and tidy up any threads.

Fill it with crayons and go!

 Felt Crayon Rolls

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