Essential Oils for Seasonal Allergies

Essential Oils for Seasonal Allergies

I struggle to even type this post as my eyes are swollen, itchy and are producing more tears than a good Nicolas Sparks movie.  I need relief!

Essential Oils for Seasonal Allergies

Ok first of all, there are not really any good Nicolas Sparks movies.  The Notebook makes me weep like a fool every time and that one with Channing Tatum as some kind of music producer with a wife who was hit on the head and then had amnesia is good for a Sunday afternoon but really just makes sad for the rest of the day.  I went off track…  The point is that I am not watching  a sad moving or doing anything particularly emotional but my eyes beg to differ.  I have seasonal allergies. It is time to turn to essential oils for seasonal allergies. 

There is a magic time in the late Spring when I begin to sniffle and itch a little and before I know it, I am suffering from full blown allergies.  There are a plethora of drugstore options to fight mild to moderate allergies but I always feel guilty reaching for a pill when there is a natural option at hand.  Luckily, there is a very effective natural alternative at hand and it is as easy as mixing a couple of oils and dabbing them on.

The most agreed upon combination of essential oils for the particular reactions of itchy eyes and snuffly nose are lavender, lemon and peppermint. Luckily, these are very common oils and can either be found immediately in a well stocked oil kit or by a quick trip to your essential oil producer. 

The administration of this oil combination depends on your familiarity with essential oils as well as what you have on hand.  

Topically – This is my method of choice.  Peppermint oil can be a little hard on the skin if applied directly and so I like to blend the oils with a little coconut oil as a carrier oil. Once I have the mixed it, I either rub some on my palms, place my palms over my face and inhale or apply some behind my ears every now and then.

Diffuser -I find that if I am going to sleep or am going to be sitting in one place for a while (I have a toddler and so this doesn’t come up often) then a diffuser is a great option.  You can immediately feel the effect and the calming of the lavender can help you fall asleep despite the symptoms. 

Bath – The bath works like the diffuser and creates a steam that can provide immediate relief for your allergy symptoms.  Simply add 3-4 drops of each oil into your hot bath and soak.

Internally – There are quite a few people who take equal parts (2 drops) each internally in a shot with honey.  I have not yet moved into the confident phase of essential oil use to start swallowing it and so if this works for you, please leave me a comment and give me the details!

Simple right?  Before you reach for the tablets, grab some oils and give it a try!  Nature is making you suffer, she can absolutely provide the relief! 

Essential Oils for Seasonal Allergies





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