Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

Ladies, I have found the fountain of youth and I drank from it!

There are so many promises out there to make you look and feel younger.  I will admit that I have been dragging my feet over the past few weeks.  I increased my iron intake thinking that it might be that and have been trying to get more sleep but still have been feeling old and run down (welcome to adulthood I suppose).

Once a year, an old boy band comes to Vancouver, I was in a delivery room clutching my ticket as the New Kids On The Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men serenaded the city last year and so damned if I was going to miss this year’s offering: The Backstreet Boys!

First off, I had a terrible day.  I had woken up in a foul mood and dragged myself to a particularly challenging day at the office.  I was tired and over it as I got myself dressed in the bathroom at work and tried to rally what little energy I had left for the evening.

When my friend picked me up I was starting to feel better as we cruised into town in an SUV with a car seat in the back and the BSB classics on the radio.  After a quick drink, I was getting ready to sing and getting excited.

Due to a parking mishap (we were parked at the wrong stadium), we were forced to walk around and through a construction zone to get to the doors.  That is when we saw the girls. Outside of staff door #9 at the back of the stadium were 5 girls and a pack of catering chefs having a smoke.  Not ones to miss out of any action, we approached them and were told that AJ and Brian had left a few minutes earlier and MIGHT have to re-enter the stadium through the very door #9 that we were lingering outside.  It was too good to miss!

The seven of us 30 something year old women waiting…and waited… and just when all hope was slipping away, a van pulled up.  I could see AJ’s outline inside and as I fumbled for my phone, they stepped out.  I am not ashamed to say that I squealed/shrieked as they walked past us (right past us!) and through door #9. After jumping up and down and babbling incoherently, my friend and I calmed down and then took off to find our seats.

I have literally not felt that good in years.  It all came flooding back and the 16 year old version of me who had posters on her walls and taped songs off of the radio came bursting out.  I sang my voice out (quite literally) and woke up feeling like a million bucks and croaking like a frog.  All worries about bills, work, kids and life’s pressures vanished in a field of laser lights and middle aged men dancing around like boys.

I am telling you that this is the key to youth.  Grab a friend, a drink and take it back to the 90s!

Backstreet Boys

The 16/32 year old me came home on top of the world to a husband and a baby in a home that I own.  Best of both worlds I guess.


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