Freshly Brewed Skin

Freshly Brewed Skin


I will get my caffeine any way that I can!

So it has probably become apparent that I am trying to live more naturally for the new year.  I am not into resolutions because they inevitable have an expiration date, but have been trying to eliminate unnecessary chemicals and additives over the past couple of years.  This year, I am going to focus on beauty.

 imageMy skin has been on a bit of a roller coaster this year.  It broke out in the early months of my pregnancy, cleared up near the end, broke out again postpartum and has now settled back down to normal which is pretty clear with some dry areas.  I will admit that I am a girl who loves a facial.  I love the ceremony of it, the steps and the relaxation that comes with having a stranger rub things into my face and neck.  I love it but with the expenses of a kid and my growing concerns about what is actually in those cleansers, my trips to the spa are now few and far between.  This does not mean that I can’t have nice skin though.  I am on the hunt for natural skin care alternatives and so far the results have been good.

This week, I decided to give coffee a try as an exfoliant (grounds that is).  Funny, I always thought that it was coffee grinds but apparently more people use the term coffee grounds. There you go.  We drink a lot of coffee in my house and grind our own beans (the husband is a bit of a coffee snob) and so fresh grounds were not hard to get my fingers on.  I waited for some to cool and then placed them in a jar and brought them with me into the shower.

imageRumor has it that the grounds are good for cellulite when rubbed on.  I didn’t have that many grounds and I am not convinced that all the grounds that a Lower Mainland Starbucks could produce would be enough to smooth out my thighs.  I started with the face and neck.  After washing my face, I whetted the grounds with a little water and worked it in.  I concentrated a lot around my nose and neck (the spots that tend to get the most clogged up).  After rinsing it did feel smoother. 

Because we grind at home, the grinds were coarser than some of the pre-ground stuff but I don’t think that it would make too much of a difference.  I read somewhere that one blogger couldn’t think of anything more horrible than rubbing old coffee grounds on herself in the shower.  It really was not that bad.  There is a smell but it was just an old coffee smell.  To be honest, I think that it might be kind of refreshing in the morning.  It all washes away and you are left with smoother skin and a very slight coffee odor that dissipated after an hour or so (unlike the fenugreek).

imageAfter the shower, I dried my face, dabbed on some olive oil (I have been doing this for a while now) and went to bed to dream of lates and fresher skin.

I am going to keep some grounds in the shower and try to keep this up for a solid month to see if there is a noticeable difference in my skin.  Next up are toning options such as green tea and lemon.  

Maybe I should look into just getting my barista to give me facials…. one stop shop and all that…. 



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    • You absolutely should, I swear by it now. I also find that the coffee leaves some oils on the skin that really softens my face. Nothing better than scrubbing out your pores with something nautal and that would otherwise to recycled into the garden or thrown in the bin. Enjoy!

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