Ginger Bug

Ginger Bug

If you are thinking “What the heck is a ginger bug?” then you have come to the right place!

Ginger bugA few years ago, I gave up drinking soda, pop, soft drinks, soda pop or whatever it is that you call those sugar loaded drinks in your part of the world.  The key was to replace them with something similar but different and so I turned to sparkling water to which I am now well and truly addicted (expensive but better than pop though right?). As the summer months approach, I am longing for something more flavorful than the good old sparkling water.  It is time to make my own soda!

As with most truly good things, making your own soda takes time.  There is a chemistry at work and live cultures who need to be loved and fostered.  Before we can even begin making soda, we need to make a base and this my friends is the GINGER BUG.

Ginger bugThink of the ginger bug as similar to a sourdough starter.  Not making your own sourdough yet? You are missing out! You don’t have to miss out though and can get it going right now by clicking here.  It sits around, bubbles and waits for you to turn it into something marvelous.

The first thing that you are going to need is to get your ingredients together and this might take a while (kidding… it will take a less than a minute in most cases).



 For the bug you will need:

Ginger (a good large land of it)

1/2 c sugar ( there is lots of debate over the type of sugar that is best but I am going to use a white sugar here)

Distilled Water (you can leave tap water out over night as well)

oh!… and a jar

Ginger bug

 Much like children and pets, the bug needs to be loved and cared for.  Luckily I have made you a schedule.

Ginger bug

You won’t need the whole bug to make soda and so much like the sourdough starter, you will need to keep it going.  Feed it every day (or so let’s be honest we forget) and it will serve you well.

You now have a fully functioning ginger bug waiting to fulfill it’s dreams of becoming amazing soda.

Don’t let it down!

Ginger bug

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