Sochi Series – India… Independant Olympic Participants… India… Beetroot

Sochi Series – India… Independant Olympic Participants… India… Beetroot

Well that was confusing wasn’t it?




imageFirst, a bit of history. Back in 2012 the Indian Olympic Association was banned by the IOC for more than 1 year after electing Lalit Bhanot as the head of the organization.  Bhanot had spent 11 months in custody for corruption charges resulting from accusations involving the Commonwealth Games.  The IOC maintains that no official can be linked to corruption and so would not allow India to participate in the games until the situation was rectified.  For this reason, Himanshu Thakur, Nadeem Iqbal and Shiva Keshavan  were to compete under the Olympic flag as independent participants.

imageBut wait!  This morning, Narayna Ramachandra, the president of the World Squash Federation, was voted in as President of the Indian Olympic Association which means that the ban has been lifted and the athletes can compete for India.  all very dramatic indeed.



 Team India is competing in the following events:

 Alpine skiing      Cross-country skiing     Luge


imageIn honor of Indian athletes and with an only slightly sarcastic nod to the infantile behavior that meant that they were not able to walk into the Opening Ceremonies under their own country’s flag, I bring you Garam Masala Beet Root Rice for Babies.

 I have not done up a recipe card for this as it is not really a recipe and really only consists of cooking and blending.

 Beetroot rice is a popular Indian dish and is often spiced up with chilies and more aggressive spicing.  It is also not served in a puree from but I am taking artistic licensing for the benefit of the consumer who currently has no teeth.

imageWhat you will need:

 1/2 of a roasted beet (microwave a beet for 5 minutes, wrap in foil and then roast at 375 degrees for 35 minutes or until soft)

 1 clove of garlic

 1/2 c organic brown rice

 3/4 c water

 1 tsp Garam Masala

 Liquid for blending (water, stock, milk, formula)

image I am not one for hovering around a stove and so I like to take advantage of the technology that I have.  For this reason, I cook most grains in the rice cooker.  It also does wonders on quinoa and barley.  Place the rice, water and garlic into the rice cooker and set it to cook.

 In the meantime, roast your beet if you have not done so already.  I usually have some leftover roasted beet on hand for this but if not, go ahead and get it cooked.

 Once the rice is finished and the beet cooled, combine in a food processor with the garam masala.  Add some liquid and blend.  Keep checking the mix for consistency and continue to add liquid and bled until you get what you like.


 Tip- I like to blend the mixture smooth but leave it quite thick for storing.  When the time comes to feed the monster, i add a little warm water to bring it to the cruel like texture that she is partial to.

 Also I recommend that if you are going to add milk or formula that you make a smaller bath because it will not keep as well in the fridge and does go off faster.  If you want to mix these in, add them to the finished product just before serving.

 Amplify it Instead of water, I have taken to adding kefir whey into the food to smooth it out before serving.  This is a byproduct of the kefir goat cheese making and contains a boost of probiotics that my baby can always use.



Go Team India (formerly Independant Olympic Participants)!

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