Meditation Bottles

Meditation Bottles

I have been looking for things recently to help calm my toddler before bedtime (tame the toddler if you will).  More importantly, I am looking for ways to calm me down after wrestling the kid into bed that do not involve the old standards of wine and TV.

Meditation Bottle

Recently, I have found my way back to a path that I was wandering years ago.  I spent a lot of time in my late teens and early 20’s discovering what it was that I really wanted and what was out there that I could use to channel my creativity and feed my soul.  Meditation was a huge part of that as it has allowed me to focus my mind away from the trashy TV and social media web that I am constantly caught in and focus inward (at least for a few minutes a day).

If you are not already meditating at least once a day in one way or another, START!  I know exactly what you are thinking: I don’t have time… I have kids… I work… I don’t know how… I’m not a hippie…Is it really that good? There are endless ways to still the mind and focus inward and there is one out there for you if you put the energy into looking for it.  I present you with a simple one here.

Meditation Bottle I came across these bottles as a tool for the good old Time Out.  I will admit that my kid is way too young to understand the concept but I am always looking forward in parenting and preparing for the worst forms of behavior that I have seen in at the local park or in line at the supermarket.  I figure that if my kid doesn’t throw a complete fit, open packages of candy and then throw it in my face while screaming and peeding herself in line at the drugstore, the I am in luck and will promptly thank my lucky stars (oh… it happened to this poor woman and she looked like it was not the first time).  The point of the bottle is that the contents swirl and settle in a hypnotic fashion.  By focusing  on the swirling sparkles, the child focuses and the mind stills even for just a couple of minutes.  People also tell the kid in trouble that they are in Time Out until the sparkles have settled.

Meditation BottleSince I am in no need of giving time outs for tantrums, I am giving one to myself.  I am going to use the bottle as a meditative tool to focus my thinking and clear my mind.  I am also going to give it to the kid as a sensory stimulant because it is always good to let little people who are learning about colour and texture play with something new especially when it moves and sparkles without a power cord (know what I mean?).

Meditation BottleSo all that you need to do to make your own meditation bottle is to get a bottle or a jar.  I would say to use a jar if it is a Time Out and a plastic bottle if it is going to be man handled by little hands.

Add about 2 tbsp of glitter glue to the bottle along with a drop of food colouring and about 4 tbsp of glitter.  I like to use different colours of glitter but this is entirely up to you. Fill the bottle with hot water and shake it to dissolve the glue.

If you are going to be giving this to a kid, I would suggest that you glue on the top so that the food colouring, water and glitter don’t go everywhere just when you least need it ( I am not all that sure of when you most need it to be honest).

Meditation Bottle

And there you have it! A mediation bottle/Toddler Tamer!

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