Mint and Lemon Sugar Scrub

Mint and Lemon Sugar Scrub

Move over Magneto! Take a pass Penguin! There is a new super villain in town and it goes by the name of White Sugar!


White sugar is certainly the bad guy of the year.  More and more research comes out showing how it can essentially ruin your body and how it has been ruining us all for years.  It is snuck into our food, coated on our cereal and spooned into our coffee by the pound. Don’t worry, I am not here to preach on about the mischievous maldoings of sugar (you can Google that easily enough and have plenty of reading for the rest of the summer).  I am here to tell you to go out and buy that sugar! Go on! Get a big bag of it! And then whip up something fabulous and exfoliate like a hero.

If you were to get into my shower, you would always see a container of coffee grounds (and toys, and old bottles of mostly used shampoo and random razors that don’t seem to belong to anyone…).  I love a good coffee scrub and exfoliate my face and neck with it every night.  The one issue is that it can make you smell like you worked the late shift at Starbucks which is nice and earthy in the winter but can get a bit tiring in the summer when you long for a sense of freshness. Now is the time for a sugar scrub!

Mint and Lemon Sugar Scrub

Like most DIY home beauty, you can customize your scrub exactly how you like it.  The ratios are really what is more important.  You are going to need to respect the following:

1 part oil to 2 parts sugar 

That is the magic formula.  After that you can play.  I decided to use a combination of  olive oil and coconut oil because I love what they do to my skin but either alone or with another oil would work. I then went to work with additions.

scrub 2Mint- Mint is an anti-pruritic which means that it has the ability to sooth the skin and reduce some irritation. It also smells fresh and provides some calming aromatherapy benefits. It calms the nerves and relaxes the muscles and who doesn’t need a little bit of that every now and again right?

Lemon- The acid in the lemon acts as a slight exfoliant itself as well as works to gradually lighten some scars and the dreaded age spots. This is by no means the solution to all ages, but it makes my face feel really clean and again brings a freshness. There is a reason that dish and laundry soap traditionally smelled like lemon… freshness.

I bash up the lemon and the mint in a mortar and pestle and then stir it into the sugar and the oil. I find that it is best to leave the mixture for an hour or so to let the lemon and the mint really permeate the sugar. After that, get the shower running and go for it.

scrub 3

Want to try the coffee scrub? Of course you do! Click here

scrub 4 




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