My Medicine Chest

My Medicine Chest

These days have been a little long lately.  I have been working overtime at night and battling a headstrong toddler (who I am all kinds of proud of) but it has left me a tired mess.  Luckily, I have my medicine chest on hand to help.

When run off their feet, some people turn to coffee (who am I kidding? I also turn to coffee and lots of it) and some just run themselves into the ground.  For me, the answer lies in my Medicine Chest.  It holds the solutions to almost all of my health and emotional problems.  It sits on a shelf and in times of need, I reach for it.

My Medicine Chest

So what is in this amazing chest?  Essential oils mostly, some resins for burning, some sage that I picked in the summer for smudging and some carrier oils in case the emergency in question calls for a massage (and really, some do).  I have long maintained that I can solve most things with oils but when it comes to fatigue both physical and emotional. They are not only effective but can be customized to bring you exactly the kind of rest that you need.  When the family comes running with cuts and bruises and ailments of all kinds, there is a good chance that I can come up with a solution after a little googling and a rummage through my oils.  Don’t have a whole chest of oils? Start with a couple that you like and then add as you go!

There are certain oils that are just better than other for relaxation and you can mix them and blend them until you get something that melts the stress out of your body.  The following oils are a great start especially if you are starting out.

Lemon – helps remove mental fatigue,and nervous tension by creating positivity and removing negative emotions.

Vetiver- a well known sedative, it can take the edge off and help you relax after a day filled with drama

Ylang Ylang- this has been used to a very long time as an antidepressant.  It is a little uplifting but more importantly can remove stress and negative emotions.

Marjoram- another sedative that has the ability to reduce and sooth muscle spasms.

Frankincense- this classic is relaxing and allow the mind to expand.


If it is not a relaxing night in that you are looking for but a quick pick me up for a night out try mixing some bergamot and some lemon.  This will bring a little lightness to your step and let you get out and enjoy your well earned free time.


So you have the oils, now what? This is where you have a few options.  If you have the time and don’t have a little person banging on the bathroom door if you dare to draw a bath, then get into a hot bath and add some oils.  Another great option is a diffuser,  They can be bought pretty cheaply these days and are easy and safe to use.  You just add a few drops and then lean back and breath in.  The last option is a rice bag.  I have made a few and just drop some oils onto them, let it soak in and then put it over my eyes and let the world drift away.  


Any way you choose to do it, pick the oil that works for you, lean back and relax. You deserve it!


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