Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Ah the holidays… colder weather, cinnamon on everything and those brief few weeks when you loose your mind and turn to crafting in every spare minute of your time.

Popsicle Stick Snowflake


This is what happens in my house anyway.  This season has begun no differently.  While I was browsing through Pinterest, I kept seeing cute ornaments everywhere and then happened upon some gorgeous popsicle stick snowflakes.  I waited a week or so because I had no practical use for giant popsicle stick snowflakes and then it happened.  I was getting ready to take our annual family photo for the Christmas cards and needed holiday paraphernalia.  What better than some giant snowflakes? 

Popsicle Stick SnowflakesA quick trip to the dollar store and I was in business.  Out came my trusty glue gun, a little paint and some creativity and I was creating holiday magic.  The hardest part was trying to make something geometrical while keeping it to a sensible size (sensible here being more than a foot across).  I went with the traditional popsicle sticks and then some larger tongue dresser type ones. 

This is a really easy craft so it you are at all wanting something quick and don’t consider yourself a Martha in the craft room, this is a winner.  All that you need to do it heat up your glue gun, plan out your snowflake and start gluing.  Once you have it together and cooled, give them a good couple of coats of paint and then hang them up.

Popsicle Stick SnowflakesIn an miraculous holiday miracle, I tried to stay classy here.  I was tempted to cover them in glitter and sparkle or even frost the tips (I might do this later) but I went for a Scandinavian looking red and some gold. I always end up the Scandinavian craft fairs and marvel at the simplicity and beauty of their Christmas crafts.  I am channelling a little of that here.

So give them a go! They are simple, quick and as soon as the paint dries you have something really pretty.  It is also a good one for kids if you help them with the glue.  

Each one is different and unique and I am sure that there is a cheesy line in there somewhere! Happy crafting!


Popsicle Stick Snowflakes 

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