This Scalp Treatment is Bananas!

This Scalp Treatment is Bananas!


Unlike the rest of Canada, we in BC are having an unseasonably warm winter.  Aside from staying above freezing it is also really dry.  While this is great for anyone like me who hates the rain, it is reeking havoc on my skin.  Time for another natural remedy experiment!


Iimage lived in Calgary for a few years and anyone who has spent time on the prairies can tell you a thing or two about dry skin.  My arms would break out in excema every winter and I would go through buckets of moisturizer to try to avoid that creepy feeling you get when dry hand touch each other (trust me it is a thing).  What is worse than the arms and hands that can be treated with cream is the itchy scalp. 

I am not usually a person who suffers from dandruff but lately my scalp is tight and itchy.  I am physically unable to resist scratching it (I know…) and so there are flakes.  I am also finding that the itchiness is centered at the back of my head.

imageSolution Time-

 After surfing through all kinds of natural remedies, I landed on the banana.  I have tried the fenugreek which was great for volume (smelled a bit) but I think something a little more intensive will help.   Bananas contain a great deal of potassium which can help strengthen limp hair.  They also contain a few essential vitamins and enough oils to moisturize the scalp.  It is important to note that they also smell better than fenugreek (just saying…).

But why stop at bananas? If I am going to smear goo on my head and sit there trying not to drip it on the couch of have the dog try to lick it for half an hour, I might as well add in some other key ingredients.  Lemon, honey and olive oil round out this mask.

imageAll that I needed to do was peel the banana and place it into a blender with the other ingredients.  I learned my lesson from the fenugreek and blended it smooth so that it would stick to my head better.  Head over the sink, I worked the paste into my scalp and hair making sure to really massage it in. On went a particularly attractive pink shower cap and i was off to watch trashy TV for half an hour.

imageAfter the half hour was up, I jumped in the shower and shampooed and conditioned as usual.  There were a couple of little bits that seemed to hold on through the shampoo and conditioning but disappeared as I blow dried my hair.




The Result-

The next morning my hair feels great but more importantly, the itch it gone! Completely gone!  The added bonus is that my hair feels softer without being limp. 

This mask is a definite win in my books and something that I will be adding to my routine maybe every week or so. 

So good, it’s bananas!



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