Show your support in Style – Go Seahawks!

Show your support in Style – Go Seahawks!

What makes a true football fan, or fan of anything really? Is it the person with the brand new jersey every season with the player-du-jour who only really gets excited when the team is doing well or is the person who follows the team win or loose and who puts time into being creative about how they follow their team? I know what my answer is!

Seahawks bandana 

Jersey’s are great, I own one, my Husband owns one but it is time to get creative! My favourite crowd shots from a game are the season ticket holders in the front row with full face paint and handmade outfits. They have beads, they have accessories, they have blue and green hair and they are fully invested. They are less concerned about making sure that everyone sees that their jersey is the newest vintage and more concerned about screaming for the team.
I think that this idea extends to the home support and especially for the Superbowl! It is time to get out your glue stick and your piles of tule and get to work to make sure that you are decked out in the team colours. In my house, that means dark blue, a little white and some lime green.


My additions to this year’s football get-up is for the little fan. I decided that we were lacking in the tutu department.

Seahawks Tutu

Here is what you are going to need for a toddler sized tutu:
2.5 yards of tule in the colours of your choice
0.5 years of elastic

Begin by cutting strips of tule approximately 2 feet long and 1.5-2 inches wide. I usually cut enough to start as I am never sure exactly how many I will need.
Next, grab your toddler, and get a quick measurement for the waist. Some people cut the elastic at this point but I find that the elastic stretches a little as you add the tule and so I like to work on it and complete the tutu before attaching the ends of the elastic.The process to actually make the tutu it pretty simple.

Seahawks Tutu
You keep doing this until you have the tutu in the size that you like and then sew the ends together make the circle. I like to add a couple of pieces of tule over the joint to cover it.
What is a tutu without a matching headband? A couple of tule flowers and some sequence elastic and you are in business!

Go Seahawks!



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