Sochi Series – A Tip of the Cap to Great Britain

Sochi Series – A Tip of the Cap to Great Britain


Team Great Britain


    image  As the Great Britain team entered the stadium during the opening ceremonies, I thought that they looked great. All in blue with slightly puffy jackets, they were reserved, professional but also chic.  The hats! Don’t even get me started on the hats.  It is not really their style to dress themselves in patchwork versions of their flag and I have to say that I appreciate the reserved nature of the statement.  Traditional on the outside and party on the inside (remind you of anyone?).

imageIn honor of the class and tradition of the British team, I have made marmalade which I plan on enjoying with pikelets and a stiff cup of tea. I really should have insisted that my maid serve it to me in person, but it is her day off.  Also, I don’t have a maid.

Great Britain has competed at every one of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games since they modern rebirth in Athens in 1896.  They have sent 56 athletes to these games and they will be competing in the following sports.

 Alpine skiing (men)     Alpine skiing (women)     Biathlon (men)     Biathlon (women)     Bobsleigh (men)     Bobsleigh (women)

Cross country skiing     Curling (men)     Curling (women)     Figure Skating     Freestyle skiing     Short track speed skating

Skeleton     Snowboarding


imagePart of the reason that I chose to go with marmalade is that I found that I had all kinds of citrus lingering in my fruit bowl.  They seemed to be everywhere and so I needed to use them up.  The other reason I chose marmalade is that it is awesome and underrated these days.  Maybe it is because we are moving away from bitter tastes as a society and close to just sugar and maybe it is because marmalade belongs to a different generation on North America.  I for one, love it. 

imageI had a few limes left over from Superbowl drinks,  some oranges from lunches and even a mango orange from my citrus tasting last week. In case you missed it here is the link the to Orange You Glad Spring is Coming from last week.

imageThe only alteration that I’d did choose was to add some ginger,  I love ginger and citrus but did not want it to be overpowering and so I only added a bit.  I want people to taste it and ask what that taste is and not be blown away or distracted by it.

Best served on crumpets or better yet pikelets, this makes a welcome change from jam indeed.

Mixed Citrus Marmalade
A bitter, sweet and sour marmalade to top your toast or crumpet
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  1. 1kg mixed citrus ( any combination of limes, lemons, oranges, Seville oranges ect)
  2. 1litre water
  3. 1kg sugar
  4. 1 thumb sized chunk of ginger
  1. Squeeze all of your citrus fruit into a bowl making sure to remove the pips.
  2. Slice up the empty halves of the fruits into the size of peel that you would like in your marmalade.
  3. Gather up the pips and place them in a muslin bag.
  4. Add half of the water (500ml) to the peels, pips and juice and let it stands over night.
  5. Go to bed and dream of marmalade.
  6. The next morning, add the remaining half if the water to the mix and empty the lot into a large saucepan.
  7. Add the ginger and bring the mixture to a boil and simmer for 1 hour until the peels have become soft.
  8. After the hour, add the sugar and boil for 20-25 minutes.
  9. Start testing the marmalade by placing a small amount on a plate and putting it in the freezer.
  10. Once it is setting in the freezer, you are reading to transfer it into jars.
  1. The tops of the jars will pop, the marmalade will set, then and only then you can dive in!
The Gilded Sprout



Good luck team Great Britain!

I am having a stiff cup of tea and a sweet treat for you!






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  1. What a great idea! I also have plenty of citrus fruit I need to use. I’m a little intimidated because I’ve never made jelly or marmalade. But you make it seem so easy! I feel inspired. 🙂

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