Sprouted Lentils

Sprouted Lentils

Isn’t the golden rule to eat what you love? Excellent because I love lentils! The best kind of lentils are sprouted lentils!

Sprouting Lentils

There are certain times a year when the fresh fruit and vegetable isles begin to look a little sparse.  Right after the holidays is one such time (come to think of it, it is the only time).  As i wandered the shelves looking for something interesting to add to my New Years salad that I was reluctantly planning to make it dawned on me.  I grow my own salad ingredients at home on the counter! Time to ramp up the production.

If you are not sprouting on home on the kitchen counter then two things have not happened.  1. You are not reading this blog terribly religiously. 2. You have not stumbled upon one of the wonders of the culinary world.  Time to change both of those things.  It is time to start to sprout.  Grab a jar and grab something that you want to eat and get to work.

Sprouted Lentils

Don’t know how to sprout?  No problem, just click here for the full instructions. The basics are this.  You soak your bean, your lentil, your seed or your grain.  Once soaked, you let it sit in a dark place and rinse it once a day.  Then you wait.  In a couple of days, nature takes it’s course and the magic begins to happen.  When they are at the point that you like, you eat them.  Some people like them with big roots and little leaves and some people like them a little more tender. You can decide for yourself. 

So what is on the menu in 2-3 days? Lentils, lentils and more lentils.  I was talking this over with a friend and her first reaction was “who the hell has that many types of lentils?”.  Good question with a simple answer.  A vegetarian!  Most of us love ourselves the lentils.  If you are new to the lentil game, i suggest finding a good organic grocer with a bulk section and picking up a few different types. This way you are not committing to big bags of anything.  Take a little scoop of this and a little scoop of that and see what happens.  This batch is a nice mix of green lentils, crimson lentils, black lentils and little green ones.  I like a little variety in life.

Sprouted Lentils

Once sprouted they should go into the fridge to slow the process and keep them fresh until they can be devoured. 


How about a little soy bean and chick pea mix? Yes please!

Sprouting Beans

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