Stress Buster Massage Oil

Stress Buster Massage Oil


Everyone needs a nemesis I can tell you that I have mine and she was right under my skin today. What I really need is a stress busting massage!

Stress Busting Massage OilYou know that one person who just drives you nuts? They are rude, inconsiderate, backstabbing, unproffessional and just every other word that you can think of but probably shouldn’t publish online. I have one such person and I am at the end of my rope. I had such a bad encounter with her today that within minute my neck tensed and I had a full on tension headache. People should not make other people feel like this. It is 50% her fault for being impossible and 50% my fault for letter her get to me like this. What I really need is a massage (ok and a glass of wine).
The first problem is that I need someone to administer the stress busting massage and I will have to work on that when my Husband gets home. The second task is to mix the oil while you wait.
Let’s face it, when you are in your 30s you will take almost any massage that you can get but why settle for ordinary when you can inject a little aromatherapy? I dove into my essential oil cupboard and have come out with three simple oils which are powerhouses in the stress busting department. All that you need to do is mix them up and you are on your way.

Stress Busting Massage Oil
I like to use equal amounts of lavender and peppermint and then add just a little of the bergamot as it can be a little strong. I ahve also chosen coconut oil but any carrier oil will do. I really like the feeling that coconut oil leaves on my skin and so don’t mind the subtle aroma that it brings to the scent party.

Sit back, find some spare hands and demand a stress busting massage. If you want to be really fancy, brew a pot of Earl Grey and sip on that at the same time. It is like bergamot wonderland!

Breath, relax and remember that your nemesis will only make you better and is, of course, always wrong.

Stress Busting Massage Oil


Need some supplies?

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