The Best of The Gilded Sprout 2014

The Best of The Gilded Sprout 2014

As another year comes to an end, it is time to look back over the months and to try to learn something and apply it to the next twelve.  

The Best of The Gilded Sprout 2014


This has been a big year for the Gilded Sprout and so we have gathered together our favourite post from each month as a look back at what can be considered a true break out year.  

January Fermented Garlic – How to attract a Vampire (maybe) 

fermented garlic

We started off the year on a lacto-fermentation kick.  The garlic worked beautifully and even a it began to turn green as it matured, it made for the most gorgeous garlic butter and a tasty addition to salads. 

February Tie Dyed Onesies  

tie dyed onesies

These beauties brought a little colour and sunshine into the dark winter months.  The Little Sprout was the talk of the town in her tie dyed onesies and certainly confirmed any suspicions that her mother has a deep rooted hippie streak.  

March Pumpkin Cupcakes with Crystallized Ginger

Ginger Cupcakes

We started off by crystallizing a whole bag of cheap ginger and then used those little gems as inspiration for a mean cupcake.  It was still cold enough out that a war and spiced attack was just the thing that we needed to tame the sweet tooth.

April Lemon Lavender Cuticle Soak 

Lemon Lavender Cuticle Soak

As the Spring approached, our attention turned to beauty and natural ways of getting ready for the Summer months.  This natural cuticle soak is a go-to for a quick and moisturizing soak using what you most likely already have in the cupboard.

May Sprout Mix Mashup

Sprout Mashup

This is the Gilded Sprout and so what would the year be without more sprouts.  We continued to experiment this year with our own mashups from lentils to beans to seeds. A little music helped along the way.

 June Kaffir Lime and Galangal Soda

Kaffir Lime and Galangal Soda

Once we had a ginger bug going, there was no stopping us in the soda department.  We had many a top popped and even the odd explosion of foam.  These naturally fermented sodas provide an amazing probiotic boost and are fun to make at the same time.  Simply irresistible…

July Midweek Mushroom Pizza

Midweek Mushroom Pizza

With the Summer months comes busy schedules and so quick meals were definitely on the menu.  This midweek pizza is packed with mushrooms and packs flavour.  It is savoury and filling and great for the woman on the go who still wants to eat well and avoid the take out. 

August Broad Bean Caprese Salad

Broad Bean Caprese Salad

There is no doubt that we are enormous fans of the bread bean around here and as August is the best time of year for salad due to the abundance of fresh veg, this salad is a winner.  It takes classic flavours and adds a new twist for one of our ultimo favourites.  Use what is seasonal and then eagerly await the return of your favourite produce next year!

September Hop Secret Cupcakes

Hop Secret Cupcakes

And now for something completely different…  These cupcakes are not for the faint of heart as they pack a slightly bitter but intensely aromatic hoppy punch.  With the explosion of craft beer this year we expanded our hops use and whipped up this treat to snack on while brewing. 

October Lentil Sprout Slaw (Hippie Slaw)

Hippie Slaw

More sprouts! As the weather turned cooler we were looking for more robust salads and this slaw fills all of the requirements.  It is crunchy yet savoury and stands in for the traditional coleslaw in any situation.  

November Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

As the holidays approach things get  a little crafty around here and those things that you see on Pinterest that you would otherwise roll your eyes at become irresistible.  These snowflakes are simple and yet elegant and fun.  

December Calming Bath Salts

Calming Bath Salts

As the year wound down there was some definite need for relaxation.  These bath salts make for the perfect opportunity to take a couple of minutes to yourself.  We whipped up a few different varieties and so whether you were looking to relax the mind or the body, we had it covered.


Thank you all for stopping by and we hope to see you in the New Year. 


Looking for a little inspiration for next year? 


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