Toddler Travel Guide

Toddler Travel Guide

 Well it’s official.  I have completed my first 13 hour flight with a toddler and only have 3 more to do before the month is over.  

Such are the consequences or marrying someone with family on the other side of the planet. I have to admit that the very thought of taking a flight that long with a 10 month old child had me terrified to the core. She screams when she doesn’t get what she wants and usually wants nothing to do with what I am suggesting that she do.  I packed a bag full of stuff and set out. As i am not the first and will certainly not be the last woman in this position, I thought that I would put together a quick toddler travel guide made up of the things that worked best for me in the hopes that it might help someone else during their sleepless nights worrying about the terror ahead. 

PS. It wasn’t actually that bad, you just need to remember that everyone on that flight was a toddler one and made someone else’s life miserable.  It is all about Karma!

Toddler Travel Guide


1. Little Containers are going to be your best friend and were the unexpected hit of the trip.  Anything that the little one can open and close will keep them busy just doing that for a good few minutes.  You can even put some play dough in one and have them move it from one to another. OXO Tot® 12-Piece Baby Freezer Blocks Set • OXO • $19.99

2. Remember the good old magnetic sketch pad? Once a toddler learns how to move the bar over to erase their work, the real fun starts.  I love these because there is no mess and no chance of loosing bits and pieces.  It is simple and extremely useful.Ohio Art Travel Doodle Sketch • Ohio Art • $14.99

3. Play Dough is a great option and can keep the little hands busy for ages.  If you have time ahead of the trip, whip some up yourself but if you are busy with planning and packing or want one that will last the entire vacation, go for an eco brand!Eco-Dough Box of 5 Colors • $19.99

4. Jet lag is never fun and it can really mess up a small person’s schedule.  I like to bring along some essential oil help and lavender is a great choice to relax your weary traveler and help them to get some well needed sleep.French Lavender 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil- 30 ml • $12.25

5. You are going to need books and a couple of them.  My suggestion is to bring along a couple of familiar favourites and a couple of new books to entertain.  Curious George is big in my house! HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT \u0027Where Is Curious George?\u0027 Board Book • Houghton Mifflin • $9.99

6. If you have the space on the plane or are waiting for he flight to board, a good colouring book is an essential.  If your toddler is like mine and has a complete disregard for the lines, it is completely fine.  I am always amazed at how long a kid can colour before needing to move on to something else.Butterfles Coloring Book • $5.99

7. You are going to need crayons to go with that colouring book and there are a couple of options.  I find that my rough kid tends to break crayons which is fine at home but can be messy on the plane.  Twistable crayons are a fun alternative as they are harder to break and some in some fabulous colours.Crayola Mini Twistable Special Effects Crayons – 24 Crayons • Crayola • $5.99

8. Confession, I am personally obsessed with crayons and love them more than the kid does.  There is always room for a few more and these glitter ones are fun and add a little glam to the activity.Crayola 16ct Multi-Colored Glitter Crayons • Crayola • $3.99

9. You would to imagine how many pairs of socks went missing and how many socks simply vanished during the trip.  Bring a ton because in my family they are the first thing to get thrown when the toddler becomes restless.Paul Frank Little Boys’ 5 Pack Headphones • Paul Frank • $8.99

10. I am the last person to turn to an electrical distraction for my child which means that she doesn’t get to watch very much TV.  This means that when she does watch something, it is special and the plane is one such place.  Make sure that you invest in kid friendly headphones.  They will fit better and they have a volume control that will protect their ears.LeapFrog Headphones – Pink • Leapfrog • $16.49

11.  The plan is to get your kid to nap a little and give you time to watch that trashy movie that you have been eying.  Enhance your chances with a kid sized travel pillow.  If the kid doesn’t use it, you can always prop your head up with it if you get the chance!Boppy Travel Pillow – Olivia Dot • Boppy • $41.97

12. Snacks snacks and more snacks.  Bring a variety of things but remember that feeding the kid sugar in a confined space is not a great idea.  I try to bring as many different things as possible because just stopping and opening a new container to find some raisins can be really entertaining for a small child. Travel Snack Dispenser • $14.99

13. You will need wipes and you will need a lot of them.  Messes of all types and varieties are going to happen and kids seem to get sticky for no reason.  A big pack of wipes close by will make any incidents easy to deal with.Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Chlorine-Free Baby Wipes – Fragrance Free – 72 ct • Burt’s Bees • $5.09–26.79


Happy Travels!

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