What to do with Flat Beer

What to do with Flat Beer

What to do with flat beer

It would be such a shame to let any good brew go to waste but there are time when you find yourself with flat beer on your hands. Wether it be an ambitious growler fill, a home-brew that didn’t quite go to plan or a six pack of Coors that you just can’t being yourself to drink here are a couple of things that are a million times better than the drain!

Make Beer Bread this easy recipe from Alton Brown makes for a tasty treat any time of year! 

Give your hair great shine – wive’s tale? Not even close! After shampoo, rinse your hair in beer and leave it to soak in for a couple of minutes before rinsing out completely. Your locks will feel amazing!

Kiss slugs goodbye – I always feel a little guilty about this one but if you are wanting to get rid of unwanted slugs in your garden and killing them is the only way out then throw away the poisons and get a tupperware container and fill it with beer. They love it and will crawl in to have a quick drink and never emerge. I guess that there are worse ways to go.

Two words… Beer Cheese… The perfect dip and does not rely heavily on the condition or quality of the beer. That being said, weak beer will make for week beer cheese and so adjust accordingly. Get my recipe for Chipotle Beer Cheese here.

Perfectly Caramelized Onions – I can thank my Husband for this although I think that it is a pretty Australian thing to do. He always add a good pour of beer (usually right out of his bottle) onto onions as they are frying. Do it right as they are starting to brown. It will prevent them from burning if you have the temperature up too high and will help with the caramelization and flavour!

There you have it! No beer wastage is ideal and none of us would admit to doing it in this craft brew obsessed era in which we find ourselves but it is does happen, at least you are being industrious about it!

What to do with flat beer



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